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Business Tax Services

We provide tax consulting services from smaller start-up companies to larger organizations filing taxes in numerous states. Our tax consulting team provides you with a comprehensive range of proactive planning and tax compliance services to navigate and minimize your overall income tax liability.


Business tax compliance services include:

  • Federal tax returns
  • State & local income tax
  • Sales tax
  • Cash flow enhancement
  • Retirement planning
  • Tax provision calculations & review
  • Tax agency representation

Individual Tax Services

From the simple to the complex, our expertise resides in a range of services we offer, including a complimentary initial consultation to assess your tax situation, filing status and structure.


Individual tax services include:

  • Federal filings
  • Multi-state filings
  • Educational planning tax strategies
  • Estate and trust tax planning
  • Gift-tax returns
  • Retirement Implications
  • Strategic tax planning
  • Tax agency representation

Audit Protection Plan (APP)

Whether because an IRS or state auditor shows up at your door, or because you received one of the million of letters the IRS sends each year, we provide you expert IRS representation services. Why? We know that few things cause more anxiety than opening a letter from the IRS; and worse yet is an agent at your door. States and the IRS have several flavors of audits, the most common being desk or correspondence audits and field or in-person audits. We cover all of these audits with our protection plan; we act on your behalf in front of state and federal agencies to fix the issue in a timely manner with as little stress to you as possible.

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