Newly Revised Employment Verification Form

In December of 2016 we learned the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”) announced the release of a newly revised Employment Verification Form, Form 1-9. Employers were asked to begin using the newly revised Form I-9 as of January 22, 2017. See previous blog post New Form I-9 for 2017.

On JULY 7th, the USCIS released another revision of Form I-9. Either the December or the July version can be used for the next few weeks. On September 18, 2017, employers MUST use only the newly-revised July form. The old and new versions can be identified by looking at the date at the bottom left side of any page of the document (NOT THE EXPIRATION DATE AT THE TOP RIGHT SIDE OF EACH PAGE). The old version says “Form I-9 12/14/2016N”. The new version says “Form I-9 7/7/17 N”.

Revisions that were made are related to the Instructions and to the list of Acceptable Documents.  For detailed information please visit

To download the newly revised Form I-9 click here or you can access it among other forms on our Tax Forms page of our website.