Intuit QuickBooks EMV Compliant

Is your QuickBooks credit card processing as safe as you think it is?  QuickBooks recently announced that users will have to upgrade to the newest QuickBooks release in order to remain compliant with the EMV – or chip – credit cards.  Effective last October, a liability shift went into effect which stated that a special card reader would be required in order to read an EMV chip-enabled credit card to protect you, the business owner, from being liable if you swipe a counterfeit or stolen EMV/chip card. If you missed our blog on that topic, please check it out EMV/”Chip” Credit Cards.

Effective 03/31/16, Intuit credit card processing will need to be upgraded to the most recent versions of QuickBooks (QuickBooks 2016 and QuickBooks POS 12.0)  in order to be EMV compliant. So what does this mean for you? It means you have three options:QuickBooks  EMV Compliant

  1. Take the necessary steps to become compliant and upgrade to QuickBooks 2016.
  2. Assume your own risk for bad charges by your customers.
  3. Find an alternative merchant service that has no associated “software” demands, such as, Sync Payments or Square.

Call us today! We are here to help you think through your options and to help you decide which decision is best for you and your business.

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