Avoid Payroll Violations

Did You Know?

In the past five years, business owners paid more than $1.2 billion in back wages due to payroll violations.

Reduce Payroll Costs

Process Payroll Faster

Eliminate Payroll Errors

In the past two decades, wage and labor disputes have gone up substantially. The DOL, ACA, and FLSA all require accurate, auditable timekeeping records as proof of employee hours. These records must also be available for compliance reports and if needed, for audits. However, don’t worry, we have all that, and MORE!
Our time & attendance tracking solution will enable you to easily and efficiently track hours worked, paid and non-paid breaks, time off and more. Avoid Violations! Store records and reports for verification, all while simplifying how you track time and labor!

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Let us help integrate a solution that manages your workforce with time and attendance AND ties to your payroll, reporting, and management. Contact us today to get started!