A few years ago, we introduced our Audit Protection Plan (APP).  This has been very popular with so many of our clients.  With the number of audits increasing over the years the costs of an audit can be significant.

We are excited to announce… our Audit Protection Plan now includes coverage to help you through tax-related identity theft with the IRS should you become a victim.  Tax-related identity theft occurs when someone uses your stolen Social Security number to file a return claiming a fraudulent refund.  You may be unaware that this can happen until the tax return is e-filed and received by the IRS.  Unfortunately, since 2011, tax-related identity theft has been on the rise, and will continue.  Tax-related identity theft places a huge burden on its victims.  It is for this reason we are now offering coverage to help you resolve tax-related identity theft with the IRS as part of our APP.

The Audit Protection Plan is designed to eliminate your worry about our fees for representing you should your return be audited or should you become victim to tax-related identity theft.

This Audit Protection Plan is entirely optional and only available if we prepared the original return.

We will perform the following services as part of the APP:

  • ***NEW*** Resolve tax-related identity theft issues with the IRS
  • All correspondence to resolve letters of inquiry relating to your Federal and State individual income tax returns
  • Any audit notices or letters of inquiry from the Federal or State government relating to your individual income tax returns
  • Any audit of your Federal or State individual income tax returns

States and the IRS have several flavors of audits, the most common being desk or correspondence audits and field or in-person audits.  We cover all these types of audits with this protection plan.

You will remain responsible for any additional tax, penalties and interest that may be assessed by taxing authorities.


We prepare your income tax returns as accurately as possible based on the information you provide.  In the rare instance that we make a mistake, our policy is to fix any mistake we make at no cost to you. We also pay any penalties you may incur as a result of our error, as long as you furnish us with a copy of the tax notice within 30 days of the date of the notice, and give us an opportunity to request an abatement of the penalty.

We offer Audit Protection Plans starting at $70. Talk to your accounting team today!

Audit Protection for business tax returns and children’s tax returns must be purchased separately.  Want more information about APP for your business? Check out Audit Protection Plan – Business