About Us

Providing Clients Peace of Mind for Over 50 Years

Since 1964, James Hamlin & Co. has been helping businesses maximize their profit potential. As a second generation, family-owned business we know firsthand what it takes to provide and incorporate the kind of forward-thinking advice, preparation, and planning to achieve and exceed business growth goals.

We are a deeply service-oriented, licensed CPA firm.  At James Hamlin & Co. we provide smart advice and business management counsel combined with information technology and a proactive approach to protect you.

Here for You

Our unique range of services allows us to care for your business as if it were our own. The team at James Hamlin & Co. consults on a personal level to take the burden of tax preparation, compliance, and payroll administration off your desk.  Our guidance provides a focus on your business throughout the year and not just at tax time.  We have a “no surprises” mentality.

Think of us as your company CFO. Our clients tell us our education and guidance provides the kind of confidence that allows them to sleep better.  We worry about your business financials and upkeep so you don’t have to.

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Our Mission & Promise to You

Large companies often have large advantages over small businesses when it comes to professional management and advice. Large companies employ a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and other advisors who understand how to best structure their companies, manage their cash flow, and minimize their taxes. Think about the advantageous tax and cash flow management Apple has employed. The work that the CFO and advisors do allows the President and/or CEO to focus on operational issues and sales. For small business owners, the problem with CFOs and advisors is the payroll cost. Large companies can afford to pay upwards of $150,000, or more, for a decent CFO.

Most small business owners learn their craft, trade and profession “on the job.” In other words, they learned from working in the business. As their business grows, they learn that unless they work on their business as well, their businesses will starve. (See Michael Gerber’s book The E-Myth) In most small businesses, the owner is the CEO, CFO, HR chief, sales team, and custodian. Most small business owners don’t know how to minimize their taxes and best structure their companies. Many don’t handle cash flow well either.

In order for our firm to be profitable, we need profitable and stable clients. Importantly, our clients have to know and feel that we are in business with them.

The bridge stands on several pillars integral to our Vision:

One of our goals at James Hamlin & Co. P.C. is to bridge the gap between the help that big companies receive from their CFOs to what small business owners need to thrive and can afford.

As president of James Hamlin & Co. P.C., I truly believe in the importance of having someone you can turn to. Every business owner needs that. I invite you to take a closer look at our outsourced CFO approach, and our philosophy for “having the back” of every one of our clients.

Clay Hamlin