Protect Yourself From Time Theft

30% of Employees Admit to This Crime

No business owner wants to believe their employees are dishonest. Yet, thousands of employers just like you are losing money unnecessarily due to widespread time card inflation and buddy punching!

Accurately Track Time

Combat Time Theft

More Money

Time theft and inaccurate timekeeping of employee hours can cost companies dearly. There are times when the incorrect hours reported by an employee are honest mistakes, but there are also instances when employees are deliberately trying to get paid for time they did not work. Whether deliberate or unintentional, timekeeping errors are dangerous to your bottom line.
Buddy punching is when one employee punches the time clock for another employee who isn’t actually at work. Maybe they make it look like their friend arrived on time when they didn’t, stayed later than they actually did, or took a shorter lunch break. A few minutes here and there of coworker buddy punching can certainly add up on your payroll.

A Timekeeping System That
Protects You From Time Theft

The first step in eliminating time theft is accurately capturing employee shift start and end times. TimeWorksPlus provides businesses with a variety of ways for their workers to punch in and out. Employees can log time with one of the biometric time clocks or from their tablets, mobile phones, laptops, or desktop computers. This eliminates the need for employees to simply guess when they arrived or when they began their online tasks, and owners will stop paying for time that they weren’t working. Today’s timekeeping software even allows for GPS tracking and geofencing, which stamps an employee’s location on their timesheet when they clock in or only allows them to clock in when they’re within a certain radius of your business. That means you’ll see where your employees are when they clock in, and in the case of geofencing, make it impossible for them to buddy punch when they’re off premises.

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